Arguing About Alliances

Blurbs & Reviews

"Arguing about Alliances makes an essential arugment for the need to understand the context within which alliances are negotiated and moves the literature forward."


-- Mark J.C. Crescenzi, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill




"Paul Poast shows how the study of international alliances and international conflict more generally can benefit from understanding when states fail to agree on alliance.  Poast's work is exemplary."


-- Douglas M. Gibler, University of Alabama




"Great quantitative-qualitative synthesis, and almost nail-biting NATO formation chapter."


-- Jan Brøgger, member of Foreningen Norden and Norwegian Defence Association




"Arguing About Alliances is an innovative and breathtakingly rigorous work that adds considerably to scholars’ understanding of alliances"


-- Evan Resnick, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Review in Perspectives on Politics




"Arguing about Alliances is not only an important theoretical and empirical contribution to the alliance and broader IR literature; it is also an example of how to conduct and communicate exhaustive, multi-method social science research."


-- Jordan Becker, Insitute for European Studies, Review in Defense Studies



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