"All Alliances" Replication Page

Below are files for replicating or extending results in the paper ``All Alliances are Multilateral'' (w/ Benjamin Fordham).  We thank Daina Chiba (Essex), whose effort to replicate our work uncovered the difficulties scholars face (myself included!) when creating k-adic data and, therefore, led to this webpage as a help to future scholarship.

This Stata data file and do file reproduce Table 3 (our main results).

If you wish to produce your own k-adic data or non-event data, I strongly recommend using the various kadcreate Stata commands available here or, even better, using the NewGene Software.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This zip folder contains Stata files for creating k-adic data using the ATOP dataset. Since the creation and use of k-adic is an ongoing research project, I am always finding better ways to write procedures for creating k-adic data.  Therefore, the files in the folder are improvements over the files used to create the k-adic data in the original paper.  The dataset produced by these files will generate the same inverted U-shaped relationship between capabilities and the probability of alliance formation found in Figure 1 of the paper.

This Stata do file reproduces Figure 1.