ChicagoIntroIR Threads

I use Twitter to create a "Twyllabus" for my Introduction to International Relations course.  In 2018, I used Twitter exclusively to post weekly readings.  In 2019, I opted to place the "Core Readings" on a physcial syllabus, and then post additional (but still required) readings on Twitter.  


For each year, the class had a "hashtag", either #ChicagoIntroIR2018 or #ChicagoIntroIR2019. Clicking on a link below will take you to the Twitter page that lists, in reverse chronological order, all of the tweets using the respective hashtag.


For example, if you wish to see all of the tweets I posted for my 2018 Intro to IR course, simply click on the #ChicagoIntroIR2018 link below:











Below are threads relevant to the course but for which I did not use the hashtag:


What is Political Science


What is a Country (compared to a nation or a state)?


Not Teaching Thucydides in Intro to International Relations


Teaching About Wilson's racism and the World War I origins of IR


Teaching "Clash of Civilizations"


Handling Controversial publications


Exercise Comparing National Security Strategy documents


Exercise on whether leader personal relationships matter (Boris-Bill)


Tweet with link to a sample remote "Intro to IR" lecture


Class questions as remote learning activity


How Trump did (or did not) change the content of my Intro to IR course


Teaching International Politics with "IR Movie Easter Eggs"