"IR Has Something to Say" Threads

Below are links to threads I have written on Twitter on various IR topics, typically showing how IR scholarship helps us understand the topic:


History of Saudi Arabia paying for US protection


WWI's Lessons for Possible War in Persian Gulf


Democratic Peace as a "degenerate" research program?


Oil market reactions to firing of John Bolton as NSA


Fighting and Violence as a war of improving bargaining position during war


Causes of Sovereign Debt Default and that it is actually rare (Argentina is unusual)


Onset of World War II, World War I, and Meaning for NATO in Europe


Anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact


Denmark's Role in NATO Expansion


JFK & "Catholic Loyalty Tests" to the United States


Work on defining International Order


Definitions of International Order


Literature on land purchases in international politics


Review of Terrorism incidents datasets


Mini-thread of Merze Tate and being pessimistic about Arms Control


Review of Terrorism research review pieces


Mini-Thread on International Origins of 2nd Amendment and US gun regulation


Followup Mini-Thread on No-First-Use Nuclear Policy and Preempitve War


Mini-Thread on No-First-Use Nuclear Policy and Preemptive War


Bureaucracy and "The Deep State" in Foreign Policy


Summary of Krep's "Taxing Wars" review and funding of Native American Wars


Measuring Democracy and state of US Democracy


Books on External Democracy Assistance


Short Thread on Why I Study International Politics


Mini-Thread on the World Wars skewing how we think of war


Mini-Thread on Clash of Civilizations not being highly regarded in policy or scholarship


Mini-Thread on early (18th century) thinkers about the Commercial Peace


Using the movie "Independence Day" to Teach International Relations


Legacy of Versailles reading suggestions


US Role in Maintaining Stability in the Persian Gulf


History of US Income Tax and War


Scholarship on US War Taxation


Iran Shot down drone and Trump Changing Mind on Retalitory Strike


Early History of IR as a Discipline


Day-to-Day politics in international relations


Hosting the Olympics is a Bad Investment


Audience Costs


Hegemonic Stability Theory


Followup Mini-Thread on Hegemonic Stability Theory


Tiananmen Square and Politics of the Olympics


Commercial Peace




Follow up Mini-Thread on Geoeconomics


International Politics of the American Civil War


Did NATO Expansion Help Democracy?


Mini-thread on the patterns of global conflict


Mini-thread on US financial instruments of empire


Thread on Religion infusing US Foreign Policy


Brazil in NATO


Mini-Thread on use of field experiments in IR Research


Economics of Alliances


Flattery as a Bargaining Tactic


Recognition in International Politics


Mini-thread on two-level games and international negotiations


Mini-thread on literature relevant to Syrian troop withdraw


Secrecy in International Politics


Mini-thread on British Empire and International Law


Mini-thread on Major Powers fomenting internal wars


Mini-thread on USMCA and Treaty Design


Major Modern Power Wars


Meaning of "Non-Western IR"


International Order and Military Bases


Journals publishing non-Western IR research


Mini-Thread on need to reconceptualize "conflicts" as "wars"


Conceptualizing "primary belligerents" in Modern Wars


The Continuing existence of Major Power Wars


Mini-thread #2 on most wars being short


Mini-thread #1 on most wars being short


Status in international politics


When a "conflict" is a "war"


Mini-thread on new IR data resources


Influence of Advisers on foreign policy decision making


Belt and Road Inititative and Power Projection


Mini-thread on Robert Gilpin


Mini-thread on Fazal's "War of Laws"


How we identify wars (Followup)


Russo-Georgian War and How we identify wars


Mini-thread on Beckley's "Unrivaled"


Mini-thread on Russo-Georgian War as diversionary war


Writings commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian War


Mini-thread on BJPIR issue reflecting on Ikenberry's "After Victory"


Does Dollar Hegemony Benefit non-US states?


Dollar Hegemony as a Benfit of Liberal Order to the US


Challenges of Identifying the benefits of the Liberal Order to the US


Flaws of the Liberal Order: Recap of Intervention


Flaws of the Liberal Order: Democratic Deficit


Flaws of the Liberal Order: Economic difficulties for non-Western economies


Mini-thread on the need to reflect on the Flaws of the Liberal Order


Five Misconceptions of NATO


Tariffs as a useful bargaining tool


Mini-thread on future of Liberal Order


Mini-thread on Liberal Order Debate


Diplomacy of Leader visits and internaitonal politics


Work on manner and consequences of post-Cold War NATO expansion


Mini-thread on causes of Iraq War #1


Mini-thread on causes of Iraq War #2


Thread explaining my support for the Iraq War


Trends in Liberal Order phrases #2


Trends in Liberal Order phrases #1


Drugs and Alcohol used in War


Reasons someone would not sign open letter supporting Liberal Order


Border Wall Tirade #1


Border Wall Tirade #2