Organizing Democracy Reviews

"Organizing Democracy provides new insights into the relationship between international organizations and democratization, arguing both that IOs support democratization and that IOs can be created because of the demands of transitional states. Transitional states are often willing but unable to increase public good provision, and therefore benefit from the support of IOs, even when they must create them. Their novel argument deepens our understanding of the IO-democracy relationship."

-- Susan D. Hyde, University of California, Berkeley

"A provocative read that provides interesting perspectives for the OAS and other regional organizations"

-- Steven Giner, Director of Department of Sustainable Democracy and Special Missions, Organization of American States

"Poast and Urpelainen combine insights from comparative politics and international relations with their own cutting-edge research to show that international organizations are instrumental in cementing democracy by providing technical assistance and public goods, as well as a stepping stone to joining more ‘lucrative’ IOs. With clearly written explanations of complex arguments, their book will be a valuable addition to both fields and to practitioners engaged in democracy promotion, especially those who work for or with international organizations."

-- Yoram Haftel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"We often separate out politics and administration – one we view as strategic, the other we view as technocratic. But in Organizing Democracy, Poast and Urpelainen remind us that the two are often intimately interconnected in the decisions that democratizing states make as they form and join IOs. They advance work on democratization, international democracy assistance, IO membership politics, and multilateralism, all of which are quite topical given current debates in international relations. Readers will come away with a deepened appreciation for these issues and stimulating ideas for future research."

- Inken Von Borzyskowski, Florida State University, Review in Review of International Organizations

"Organizing Democracy is an ambitious book....Poast and Urpelainen's exceptional quality of research produces a theoretically insightful and empirically sophisticated volume that will leave an indelible mark on enduring debates about democratization, institutional design, and the link between domestic politics and international systemic factors such as IOs."

-- Bumba Mukherjee, Penn State University, Review in Perspectives on Politics

"Poast and Urpelainen provide convincing theoretical insights and robust empirical evidence that shed new light on the challenges faced by democratising states and on how IOs can help address these problems. The proposed argument is nuanced: the authors distinguish between forming and joining an IO, treat democratic consolidation and authoritarian reversal separately, account for the possible mediating effect of military rule legacy in the IO-consolidation relationship, and consider various ways in which a new IO might be created,reformed or remodeled. The empirical analysis is designed in a similarly accurate way. The econometric tests generally support the hypotheses. The in-depth investigation of the case studies is very informative."

-- Andrea Cassani, Universita degli Stui di Milano, Journal of Development Studies

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