Original Data


When using these data, please cite:


Paul Poast and Johannes Urpelainen. Organizing Democracy: How International Organizations Assist Democratic Consolidation. Unpublished Manuscript. 2015.

4) International Organization Functions (Political, Economic, and Technical)

When using these data, please cite:


Kaoutzanis, Christodoulos; Paul Poast, and Johannes Urpelainen. ``Not Letting `Bad Apples' Spoil the Bunch: Democratization and Forming International Organizations with Strict Accession Rules.'' Review of International Organizations. Forthcoming.

5) International Organization Access Rules (Voting, Geography, and Other)

3) Border Walls (1800 to 2010)

2) Central Bank Creation and Existence

When using these data, please cite:


Poast, Paul. ``Central Banks at War.'' International Organization. Winter 2015: 63-95.

1) Failed Alliance Negotiations (1815 to 1945)

When using these data, please cite:


Poast, Paul. ``Does Issue Linkage Work?  Evidence from European Alliance Negotiations, 1860 to 1945.'' International Organization. Spring 2012: 277-310.

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