Other Podcast Appearances

I have been fortunate to speak or have my work featured on a number of podcasts.

I spoke on the Freakeconomics Podcast discussing my research on NATO and democracy promotion.


I appeared on the Military History Inside Out Podcast to discuss my book "Arguing About Alliances."

warscholar Undiplomatic

From time to time, Van Jackson has discussed my work on his Undiplomatic podcast, such as here, here, and here.


I appeared on the Chicago Council's "Deep Dish" podcast to debate with Rochel Terman whether the US should adopt "America First" or a "Spider-man" approach to democracy promotion.

I appeared on the CATO Institute's "Power Problems" podcast to discuss public engagement (especially via Twitter) and teaching of international affairs.


Paul Poast Podcast

In my regularly published podcast, I discuss international relations and foreign affairs, based on my long Twitter threads.


Check out the episodes on Spotify.


You can also read transcripts of the episodes here.