Quantitative Security Threads

Below are threads describing material covered or related to my gradudate course "Quantitative Security":



Thread offering an Overview of the Course


Thread on "Process Tracing" for Qualitative Work


Thread on why IR scholars do Large-N work


Thread on Learning Control Variables Through Scatter Plots


Thread on learning about p values by studying "the decline of war"


The "Empirical Evidence" for the Democratic Peace


Data on Gun-Homicides Globally and in US


Data on effectiveness of Aerial Bombing Campaigns


Data on link between Arms Races and War Onset


Thread on empirical studies of link between Territorial Disputes and War


Thread on empirical studies of Genocide Onset


Can you trust historic trade data?


Flaws in War Fatality Data


The 1816 to 1923 "Gap" in Interstate War Data


Machine Learning and MIDs data


Civilian deaths from aerial bombing and how civilian trauma should influence strategic studies debates


Why Clash of Civilizations is not supported by data


Religious Holidays and Battles During Conflict


How Many Were Killed During the Rwandan Genocide


Review of the Terrorism Incident datasets


Exclusion Restrictions


Does Deterrence Work?


History of MLE's use in the study of conflict


Thread on historical origins of logit models


Early use of Multivariate Regression to study conflict


How to "Deconstruct" a dataset observation (application to 1999 Kosovo War)


Tracing the Legacy of Quincy Wright to the Correlates of War


The Decline of War


The Work of Qunicy Wright and Louis Richardson


The Role of Woment in Quincy Wright's Work


Holland's Statistical Inference piece


Power Metrics in IR


Measuring Democracy


Why the Polity Project is wrong to code the US as an "Anocracy" in 2021


Meaning of "Identification" and "Ignorability"


Breaking Down Fordham's Paper on Alliance-Trade Link


Democratic Peace stronger than smoking-cancer link?


Ethnicity or Poverty as the cause of Civil Wars?


What if any fatal conflict was counted as "War"?