Research Statement

I study international politics. My research is largely of the "Peace Science" variety, meaning I use quantitative analysis to study international security. Though data collection and statistical methods are core features of my research, my research is also informed by (and draws from) diplomatic history.


My work primarily explores the political economy of security and alliance politics. This means I investigate two basic questions facing all leaders face seeking security in the international system:


(1) Guns or butter?


(2) Arms or allies?


Click on a link below to read about my research on a topic related to these questions or to read about my research on methods for quantitatively exploring international relations.



Political Economy of War Finance


Political Economy of Border Walls


Tradeoff Between Military Spending and Military Allies


Trade Cooperation and Military Alliances


NATO and How International Organizations Assist Democracies


NATO and the Negotiation of Alliance Treaties


The Lessons and Legacies of World War I Alliance Politics


Quantitative Approaches to IR