Stata Software

Below are .ADO files I have written for Stata (and, in the case of Manski bounds, one command for R).

I wrote these commands to compute Molinari bounds as described in this paper.

Manski/Molinari Bounds Software

This is a modified version of the propensity score matching estimator of Guido Imbens.

The modified code produces balance statistics, conducts Rosenbaum sensitivity analysis,

and saves the matched data for visual inspection.  I wrote this modified command for this paper.

Matching Estimator

Below are beta versions of STATA .ado files I wrote to create `k'-adic data, as described in my article "(Mis)Using Dyadic Data to Analyze Multilateral Events" Political Analysis. 2010.  


To use these files, simply download them and place them into your ADO file folder.  This can be found in the main folder for your version of STATA (which will be called, for example, "Stata12").

K-adic Data STATA .ado files

kadcreate_dytok: This command converts dyadic data into k-adic data, complete with a random sample of k-ads where Y=0.


kadcreate_zeros: If a user already posses all k-adic observations where Y=1, this command creates the k-adic observations where Y=0.  This will enable to researcher to acquire proper inferences regarding the multilateral events.